Sunday, August 20, 2017

UWA / PERTH - Photo Diary

I was luckily invited by the lovely people of University of Western Australia. It's a bummer I can't be a student there but my oh my - the school (and the people!) were too lovely to not reminisce. Below are some of the highlights of the short time I was in Perth. Miss it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


For the Beauty Obsessed

1. Check out this super inspiring makeup centered around RED. Here, ITG gives you two options - either go subtle or bold.

2. No makeup look with makeup that looks like you're not wearing makeup 'cause it wasn't supposed to look like you put in effort anyway. But. You've. Got. To. Have. That. Alicia Keys'-esque look. Let's applaud Dotti, Alicia Keys' makeup artist for making this cool again.

What's going on in the World

1. Lunches you can ACTUALLY make! In this day and age, ain't nobody got time to fuss over a meal (or two or three). Take a cue from the array of recipes and have your lunchbox packed the night before! Quick, healthy & appetising!

2. The presidential debate that left nothing but more questions left unanswered. On top of that, the only thing that Trump managed to do is nothing but anger more people. While his daughter Ivanka is still zipped about her father's incredibly descending oversight on women, many around the world have spoken up. One of such incredibly empowering women is Amber Tamblyn who is a renowned writer, director and actress. Read on to understand why Trump and sexual assaulters can never be made to represent anything, what more a country.

3. Also, BTS aka Bangtansonyeondan is BACK! Watch their music video to wind down. Get ready to be served with really good looking men. You're welcomed.