Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey There!

I think I see cobwebs forming here. *wipes them* Alright! How's it been? It has gotten better for me. I'm no longer hurting as much now which is good. I might not be able to blog as much cause my exams are around the corner and I'm trying to be in bed on time. I'm diagnosed with anaemia: iron deficiency. With proper rest, I might be able to recover sooner!

Yesterday, my brother bought 3 Gossip Girl books for S$10 only! Definitely a good bargain! While reading them, I realized how.. ancient I've gotten in touch with Gossip Girl. I literally had to go on Google on my BB to find who looks like what in the book. 

Nate: Hey, you seen Serena? She missed the whole ceremony. [looking at her] What’s the matter?
Jenny: Um, I didn’t want to be the one to have to tell you this, but uh Serena left with Carter. 

Other than that, life's life. Mystery Man is still cool and i'm enjoying the rain here. How bout you?

ps: i love your comments! :) 

Friday, March 26, 2010


Lately, it has been insane. I know I know! Friends, people, family even drift apart. Maybe that's just it about me: I can't let go. Well at least, not yet. I mean, I am changing. We are. You are. Everyone is! But that doesn't mean forgetting. I know, this might just be asking for a little too much. Maybe we should yknow - pretend not to know one another at all. No wait, you are already doing that aren't you? Like the phrase " I'm only here when you need me ". 

There are that many things that I wish I can literally be open about. I know, I am not like your other friends - pretty, slim/skinny, rich, fashionable and etc. But I try to, I don't even know why! Maybe it's the hormones, the age or maybe.. I still want to be called as your friend. Yeah I know, you still do treat me as a friend. No, don't jump to assumptions yet, I do not, I repeat, DO NOT, expect anything from you. Just maybe a little more recognition. It hurts to know that, you don't need me, yet you pretend like you care. Pretending that you do care hurts because then I know that you don't care - indirectly/.  

This is dumb. This is asking for trouble. But honestly, I don't want to say this in real ( as in, in school/life ) and I put it on my blog because, either way, what's the point? Yes, we might settle this, but then again, things happen and it's my fault- have always been and always will be mine. 
I have more to write, spill, talk but it will hurt. Not you, but me. Like I was told, I am a masochist. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Inspiration Post

And! I am super happy to know that Fashion Chalet reads my blog! Link me up guys! I love reading your comments! Keep them rolling! :)