Friday, March 26, 2010


Lately, it has been insane. I know I know! Friends, people, family even drift apart. Maybe that's just it about me: I can't let go. Well at least, not yet. I mean, I am changing. We are. You are. Everyone is! But that doesn't mean forgetting. I know, this might just be asking for a little too much. Maybe we should yknow - pretend not to know one another at all. No wait, you are already doing that aren't you? Like the phrase " I'm only here when you need me ". 

There are that many things that I wish I can literally be open about. I know, I am not like your other friends - pretty, slim/skinny, rich, fashionable and etc. But I try to, I don't even know why! Maybe it's the hormones, the age or maybe.. I still want to be called as your friend. Yeah I know, you still do treat me as a friend. No, don't jump to assumptions yet, I do not, I repeat, DO NOT, expect anything from you. Just maybe a little more recognition. It hurts to know that, you don't need me, yet you pretend like you care. Pretending that you do care hurts because then I know that you don't care - indirectly/.  

This is dumb. This is asking for trouble. But honestly, I don't want to say this in real ( as in, in school/life ) and I put it on my blog because, either way, what's the point? Yes, we might settle this, but then again, things happen and it's my fault- have always been and always will be mine. 
I have more to write, spill, talk but it will hurt. Not you, but me. Like I was told, I am a masochist. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Inspiration Post

And! I am super happy to know that Fashion Chalet reads my blog! Link me up guys! I love reading your comments! Keep them rolling! :)