Thursday, April 30, 2015


With more than 1 million (yes, you read that right) within hours of their latest release, it's safe to say - THE WAIT IS OVER AND THE KINGS ARE BACK!

Friday, April 24, 2015

How I: Boyfriend Jeans

Really low quality picture as I was in a rush.

I think the best way to wear a loose pair of boyfriend jeans is to pair it with a femine flowly top! Get the balance right and it won't look too bad. 

The top is a unique piece I got from the COS sale and I love how it has layers in the front with a simple clasp at the back. Black all day err' day! Since it got a wee bit chilly, I layered the look with a simple checkered shirt that was as light as feather. 

Top: COS
Boyfriend jean: GAP
Bag: COS
Sandals: H&M

Thursday, April 23, 2015


It's been awhile blogsphere but I'm back and I intend to stay for good. For a long while I was lost but I always knew (by intuition) that writing is something I'd like to persue. And after working in one of the world's famous clothing store, I too realize that I have a thing for fashion.

Thus, after an incredibly long creativity draught, I am back! Ready to jump in head first and fearless into this. Got to say, it's thanks to these awesome bloggers that I've been following. If you like them too or know bloggers like them, drop me a comment or tell me via Twitter or Instagram!

1. Erika Bowes of

Of Japanese ancestry and raised in UK (correct me if I'm wrong), I'm obsessed with her. Everything from her hair (check out that platinum hair!) to her shoes - she's amazing to say the least. 


Another English blogger (no surprise, I have this thing with all things Brit), Yanin's androgynous, minimalistic yet feminine style has always been a favorite of mine. Bits and bobs of high-end items mixed with street style gives her looks an I-can-do-it too feel. Love love love!

These two are the top of my list for now but it's not limited to them. Jenn Im of Clothesencounters, Stephanie of SoothingSista as well as Claire from Heyclaire on Youtube are also my go-tos whenever I feel void of creativity to come up with outfits and et cetera. All beauty, fashion and lifestyle gurus, they are my number one go-to to pretend that I have a life outside of school and work! 

Fun Fact: I've had the opportunity to meet Jenn and Steph and they are AMAZING GORGEOUS (insert all them adjectives) and so bloody kind and friendly I can't even!