Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back to school Inspirations

Singapore's weather is crazy. Envy them living in the Northern Hemisphere!

if i could paint my nails maroon it shall be

None of these pictures belong to me.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Since I'm a broke girl living off my parents' paychecks and mine, I figured I have to start making my own clothes for a brand new 3 years in a new school. It's March now and school begins in April so I'd better scramble!

All of the DIYs are from Apairandasparediy. Mad love for her!

Lookbook_skirt1DIY STUD BUTTON SHIRT 018 (1)7512331004_2287b4378f_z7559054396_18e497e40d_zDIY Studded Cape 0197643150250_f722978885_b8403428389_145fb07f93_zapairandasparescarfwatch08apairandaspareDIYsplitdress16A+Pair+A+Spare+Sheer+Black+Maxi+Skirt2apairasparediytribalkimono068264410892_84a21e4ddb_bapairandasparediypradacreepers18250781579_bc8d8e2810_z17452255966_08548c8f18_b6835318485_e45bf29af2_b8243403204_3720cd16fe_z8163047382_a9652cc55d_c8112015947_73fc3f5383_z8055972187_398c38493b_z8002240715_b3188a9bce_z7974931490_17c2598ce8_b