Monday, October 20, 2014

China Throwback

This is the delayed, much overdue pictures from my recent 5-week school trip to Wuhan and Shanghai, China. Long story cut short, never gonna visit China unless I have business or something. Not the country for me but it does has its own perks!

Thank god for VPN so we at least had access to Twitter and Instagram while we were there. The only thing I miss? The cool weather back there. Oh and the wonderful Singapore Airlines flight back home.

Most of the pictures are raw 'cause I don't know how to edit (unless we're talking Instagram or VSCOcam) especially those of the sky/in the air 'cause God made them way too beautiful. It was during that flight that I decided that I should only fly Singapore Airlines and I should fly at dusk.

I apologise for the bad quality photos, iPhone 5 and I did our best.

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