Monday, October 20, 2014

Music Monday

"[They] Tell me I've changed and I think so too 
'Cause that's what I want - from the floor to a Champion

Trying something new with this blog with routined blog posts coming every other day (I hope)! So to get the ball rollin', here's my pick this Monday. Bobby's a YG Trainee who's been acknowledged for his witty and split second fast rap style. And boy oh boy this guy's jawline is so sharp I bet it could cut through cheese.

I've always been a fan of YG Entertainment (the label to BigBang, 2NE1 with leader CL's upcoming US debut and their latest group, WINNER) and seeing Bobby's growth from "Who's Next?" to "Show Me The Money 3" - which by the way, he was crowned the champion from 3,000 other rappers in South Korea - blows my mind. The talent in this Virginia born '95 year old is crazy. One of my favorites from Bobby would definitely be his final song "BOUNCE". This song despite its heavy message, has a great hook that manages to extinguish whatever anger I have in me (at that moment) and enjoy the damn song.

For those who don't understand Korean, he's basically dissing Idol rappers who rap just 'cause they can't sing and the stereotypes/prejudice that Idol rappers face because of other rappers who aren't good enough. Man this song has been on replay literally at least 10 times a day.

Plus, just look at how cute he is?! Crowned Champion at Show Me The Money 3, he was fully entitled to the 100 Million (yes, million, MILLION) Won and his message to this family members were "Start packing". Bobby, adopt me anytime.

More of Bobby after the cut!

His recent featuring in Epik High's "Born Hater" M/V & Song has killer lines that'll make you go, "Damn boy!".

Link to the Music Video, Here (BORN HATER)

Other notable rappers in the KPOP industry (purely my favorites) are Song Mino, Jay Park, Suga of BTS, Rap Mon of BTS, CL of 2NE1. 

Till the next Music Monday!
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