Friday, May 1, 2015

4 Ways to Remove Negativity - The Power is Yours!

1. Block/Unfollow

When I went through a difficult time in school, I would always surround myself with people who were like-minded - or so I thought. It then dawned on me that I want to stop feeling so frustrated everyday. I want to be that kid who's scoring well and is always smiling. I figured I needed to cut off that bad energy I'd receive from these people. 

And so I did! I unfollowed them on Twitter/Instagram and any other related channels. I slowly but surely stopped myself from exuding that bad energy myself around these people. Furthermore, I decided to socialize more and meet new people - or even get to know the old ones better. In my case, I got closer to other classmates that I'd never thought would be so encouraging. They became a positive influence in school and because of them, I dread school a lot lesser than before. This may sound childish or immature to some but really - by eliminating all negative sources in your life, you'd be surprised by how much happier you could be!

2. Breathe

One of my favorite artists ever, CL, always takes time to meditate despite her busy schedule. Heck! Why waste time like that, right?

But taking 2-5 minutes of your time to breathe and focus really does the trick. It calms your thoughts and centers your mind. With that said, you don't have to meditate. For me, my escapade is through music. Often during my ride to school or back to home, I'd take the 45 minutes bus ride to listen to music. Genres can range from Hip-Hop to R&B and it doesn't matter. I needed the music so I can zone out for awhile - away from the hustle and bustle that's in my thoughts and in this city. Living in a 1st world country where living expenses are steadily on the rise daily and the pressures to outdo each other increases by the hour, my bus rides are essentially incredibly precious.

3. Always see Positivity

Even in the littlest of things. If you missed your bus and you're late for class AND you didn't bring your earpiece, realize that because of that you can stare out the windows and notice things you've never seen. The greenery in the trees or the kid begging his mum for some ice-cream during the hot day. True story - I am so grateful towards this complete stranger who sheltered me during a heavy rainstorm.

I was on my way to work when it started pouring cats and dogs and the winds were so strong, it didn't seem like Singapore at all. When I got to the busstop, I walked all the way sheltered by the makeshift pathway. And then, I came to the end of the sheltered route. Already aware of how late I would be if I continued waiting for the rain to stop (or at least get lighter), I was ready to call my Manager. However, at that very moment! A Chinese men in his early thirties offered me his umbrella. I immediately jumped at his offer and off we went, shoulders rubbing against each other and his maneuvering the umbrella so it would shelter me more than it would him. One obstacle after another (they blocked a route like why?!?!), he never once took the umbrella away from me - even when his shoulders were soaking wet. His words were simple, "I'm already on my way home. You're dressed so prettily but it's a shame you got wet! Do you want my umbrella for later?" 

Good things come when you least expect it and never assume the negative first. Even during the gloomiest day(s), always always strive to see the best in everything.

4. Take it one step at a time

As long as you constantly put one foot down after another, you're gonna reach your goal sooner or later. The pace though, is totally up to you. Therefore it's best to remember this - Don't Ever Give Up. At times I do feel tempted to catch-up with the folks who I used to hang out with. I would secretly stalk them via SNS or by asking my friends. However, soon I realize that this is wrong! This can/does and will undo all the effort I've painstakingly put in. 

Everyday will be a challenge, that much is true. But do you know what else is true? It will get better. Soon you'll see that you're not having it that bad. Remember that all you have to do is perform at the best of your abilities and not to other's. You do you and let them do them! 

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